HTMR Limited was established jointly by Neopanora Institute-Network of Energy Technologies (Neopanora), Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited (STL), and additional investors. The objective of HTMR Limited is to develop and deploy small, modular, super-safe, simple and user-friendly nuclear energy systems based on high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) of pebble-bed design, as an important energy solution to the world in the 21st Century. These HTGR energy systems are called “HTMR”, which stands for “High Temperature Modular Reactor”. HTMR Limited is registered in United Kingdom.

HTMR Asia Development Limited is a subsidiary company of HTMR Limited registered in Hong Kong.  The scope of HTMR Asia Development Limited covers detailed design, engineering and construction project execution of HTMR products. The business focus of HTMR Asia Development is to specifically meet the energy needs of developing countries and regions in the world, which are generally not met by the conventional, capital intensive, very large and complicated water-cooled nuclear power plant technologies. HTMR products can affordably be built and operated in regions without well-established electricity-grid or transportation infrastructure. They can be utilized as modular electricity-generating stations to support initial and gradual increasing growth of regional economic development. They can also provide process heat for many mineral and material processing applications in a flexible electricity-heat cogeneration arrangement as specifically requested by customers.

HTMR Asia Development Limited also facilitates provision of HTGR-type fuel manufacturing technology to interested customers, so HTMR owners can be assured of independent and sustainable fuel supply for their energy systems.

An important objective of and undertaking by HTMR is to pioneer commercial use of thorium in the world as the fuel for HTMR products. Thorium can also be used as performance-improvement agent of the uranium-based nuclear fuel for water-cooled nuclear plants. The design of HTMR products allows the flexible (and gradually changing fuel-cycle) use of Low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel, as well as thorium fuel with LEU or plutonium as seed-fissile material. HTMR products are the world’s most practical and economical means of plutonium incineration. This is another business objective of HTMR Limited.

HTMR Limited and HTMR Asia Development Limited inherited the basic design of the Th-100 from STL, a 100MWth version of HTGR product, and renamed it HTMR-100. HTMR-100 in an electricity-only generation mode can provide about 35 MW of electricity and can also be operated in several electricity-heat cogeneration configurations as required by customers.The design of HTMR-100 has been a systematic and optimized integration of the state-of-art design features of most HTGR designs in the world, and was completed with support of know-how from generations of world’s top HTGR experts, including those pioneering the technology at Juelich Research Center in Germany in the 1970’s/1980’s, and those working during the PBMR period of 1990’s in South Africa.  HTMR Asia Development Limited is currently expanding the utilization of this expertise to develop the concept design of HTMR-25.  HTMR-25 is a smaller version of HTMR product that is designed to provide about 8 MW of electricity generation, as well as a number of electricity-heat co-generation configuration-options to match specific needs of customers.

HTMR-25 pressure vessel mounted on a truck

Neopanora is a non-profit networking organization dedicated to facilitating international collaboration for the goals of turning nuclear energy technology into a people technology, and developing practical energy solutions to developing countries and regions. Neopanora launched a campaign in early 2013 to facilitate an international collaboration to achieve the above objectives, focusing on the demonstration of a small, electricity-heat cogeneration HTGR for deployment in regions/countries without established electricity-grid infrastructure, such as eastern regions of Indonesia.

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