Energy for Developing Countries

We at HTMR care about the survival and prosperity of our families, our communities and our planet. We believe in the principles of fairness and equality. These principles guide our activities, which focus on helping disadvantaged regions around the world. The main approach we take in our contribution to global sustainability is the development and deployment of energy systems suitable and deployable in regions not served by well-established electricity-grid and transportation infrastructures.

In many developing countries and regions, lack of these infrastructures has kept the electrification rate in the countries/regions to very low levels, which in turn hampering their economic growth.  This obstacle to social and economic development can be minimized and eventually removed by the introduction of small energy systems using locally available energy resources. When no suitable, economical, energy resource is locally available, small, modular, ultra-safe, simple and user-friendly nuclear energy systems such as HTMRs can become effective and sometimes the only energy solution.

  • Energy for Developing Countries
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