Co-generation and Synergism with Renewable Energies
In many developing regions, processing and refinery of local mined minerals and other natural resource are important economic activities, which are capable of effectively driving local economic growth.  Many of these activities require process heat and/or steam at temperature from 200ºC to 550°C.  HTMRs are naturally suitable for providing process heat for many mineral and material processing applications, in a flexible electricity-heat cogeneration arrangement as specifically requested by customers. 
In some instances, the only locally available energy resources are renewable and yet intermittently available energies such as solar and wind. Their generally poor economic performance can be significantly improved through proper integration of renewable energy-based systems with additional local energy system that has flexible electricity-heat cogeneration scheme such as HTMR. Furthermore, suitable energy storage or process heat applications can be operated in a synchronized fashion with this hybrid energy system. For example, when more electricity is generated from the intermittent renewable energy system, equivalent amount of energy in heat form can be diverted from the HTMR for the process heat applications. 
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